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Eileen began studying classical violin at age four.  She grew up contra dancing throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and other areas in the northeastern United States with her father, caller Bob Nicholson. 


At twenty, Eileen started playing for contra dances herself.  She currently plays with musicians Rachel Bell, Jane Knoeck, Andrew VanNorstrand, Eric Anderson, and more, in multiple combinations such as Seaglass, Continental Drift, New Brew, and more.


Eileen plays for both contra and English country dances throughout the United States and Canada. With Seaglass and New Brew, she also plays for French bal folk dancing.  She really enjoys playing for dancing at weddings and parties, too. 


Eileen's classical technique and rich tone truly compliment her fiddle style.  She enjoys playing Northern, Quebecois, Scottish, Irish tunes and more.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and love of music combined really keep feet moving on the dance floor.


Eileen's solo album was released in September 2018.  It features Seaglass, Continental Drift, New Brew, and Shelly Campbell and Allan Dewar from Cape Breton, NS.  Her album, Crossing Bridges, recently won the 2019 SAMMY Award for Best Americana Recording.


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